Operation IT

IT Advisory Services

OperationIT’s IT Advisory Service Line works the challenges that keep you up at night. We help deliver improved business performance by addressing the IT and business agenda together.

Whether you are a company that has carved a niche within the Mid-Market, or a Fortune 500 enterprise that is doing everything you can to retain, grow or regain your market share, all of would like to improve our customer experience by driving IT and process efficiencies throughout the organization.

Could you obtain benefit from consolidating your software footprint?  Multiple Instances to Fewer/Single? Consolidating to a Single Platform? Would additional applications extend your functionality into your warehouse, your Manufacturing and/or Customer Service to reduce manual effort?  Increase Production Efficiencies? Can your business get the data it needs?  Quickly?  Without excessive manual effort? Do you have complete visibility? Are your backup and recovery optimized for your DR needs?

Our IT Advisory Service Line

  IT Advisory Service Line

Our Advisory Consulting team consists of Technology SMEs, Partners, CTOs, CIOs and Directors that have worked with and for Mid-Market and major Fortune 100 companies. They bring the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, to bring effective systems and business improvement to your company. You can depend on them to help you extract maximum business value from your IT invest­ments.

Amongst various strategic areas we impact:

  • Pre-Merger diligence
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Project management
  • ERP and other project Turnarounds
  • IT Performance Evaluation