Operation IT

QA and Testing

OperationIT’s QA Process Improvement Service is used to optimize the software quality assurance process. Our
skilled experts analyze existing procedures, their efficiency, and their strengths and weaknesses with regard to
business/product objectives. We also can build processes from scratch. Our clients receive recommendations on
process restructuring, improvements and optimal implementation methods.

Starting from the requirement-gathering stage and continuing through the implementation and maintenance of
your solution, OperationIT will test every interim deliverable to ensure that it meets requirements and
specifications for that phase. The classic and ideal approach to quality assurance demands end-to-end software
testing. In practice, much depends on project and resource constraints, including time and budget. OperationIT can
deviate from the classic approach and can be adjust its testing to real project conditions at any stage.

We conduct:
Functional Testing – OperationIT’s functional testing is well structured and easily adaptable. It introduces testing
early in the software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify defects at the outset. We ensure that your software
app is fully-compliant with the defined business requirements.

Performance Testing – OperationIT provides tailored performance testing services to evaluate, anticipate and
manage software performance under normal load, at peak periods and in stress conditions — at each stage of the
software development life cycle. Be it internet facing applications like web portals and ecommerce sites, Enterprise
Software like ERP and CRM, or Mobile applications, we have the necessary expertise and resources to enable
business transformation of new and existing applications. Our performance testing covers, Load, Stress, Volume,
Scale, and Stability testing. Our goal is to optimize the performance of the applications, reduce your TCO, and
improve user experience.

Test Automation – OperationIT’s tried and tested Test Automation processes shorten development time and slash
QA costs by integrating test automation frameworks, tools and scripts in your testing routine.

Automated Test Lifecycle Methodology

We make sure each step of the above cycle is completely transparent to all involved parties, including project
managers, development and QA teams.

Our Global Automation Testing Delivery Framework towards QA Automation is a tried and tested framework, that strives to lower your TCO, while enabling end-to-end test automation of applications spanning multiple technologies. For every step we offer a specific approach built to minimize the risks of possible disruption of the automated testing process, and to optimize the costs of testing. Depending on the particular circumstances and stage of a project, the OperationIT testing team will suggest the most relevant interaction options and service levels.

The key benefits of the above framework include:

  • Robust, Automated & Proven Quality Optimization Methods and Tools
  • Based on Real Time Business Intelligence
  • Methodology is Independent of Automation Tool
  • Adaptable to all Platforms and Architectures
  • Compliant to CMM and PMBOK methodologies
  • Highly skilled team of Automation Experts
  • Decades of specialized Industry / Business Knowledge
  • Reliable Estimation and Fixed Price engagements
  • Savings of more than 80% per release in Time and Cost
  • Excellent ROI
  • Cost Effective Execution