Operation IT

The OperationIT Difference

Core Differentiation of Services – Why OPERATIONIT?

  • Enterprise Business and IT Services/Solutions via Senior, Highly Experienced and Industry-Specific Business Process and Technical Resources. Unlike typical engagements of this nature, the first-tier staff that comes in the door is the staff that will remain with throughout the project and complete your job. 
  • Program and Project Management working within tight schedules and budgets, and with a talent pool of about 800+ experienced, knowledgeable and local/offshore resources to provide high quality projects.
  • Competitive Price with Global delivery channel, utilizing our near-shore and off-shore facilities – for technical, non-customer facing tasks (programming, testing, etc.) that won’t affect the project timing or quality. Our focus is centered on Quality, Process Improvement and ROI. 
  • We utilize our staff experience to provide and adopt key practices during the development process. These practices are present in different formats for both traditional and agile methodologies. Our delivery processes are ISO: 9001-2000 certified and Appraised at CMMI Level 3 with a roadmap to achieve Level 5.
  • Introduction of the right resource at the right time during the project; eliminating non-value added billing for resources during implementation.
  • Improve Efficiencies though our Accelerated Process Building (APB) Approach to develop a process diagram and discuss the applicable design flows to meet your expectations. This process is included with project execution, at no charge to help insure your success and bring the decision making team together to coordinate the approach.