Operation IT

Enabling the synergy between Information Technology and Medical Services

Operation IT’s Global Healthcare IT Center of Excellence addresses the priorities within medical informatics and presents a thorough enablement of the most promising e-Health technologies. This includes internet-enhanced healthcare services and mobile technology. Our focus has been on providing an integrated approach to e-Health, while including the medical, sociological and technical aspects of the application of e-Health technologies.

Our e-Health Solutions include:

Patient Engagement
Our Global Healthcare IT team scopes, designs, develops and deploys technology and applications to facilitate ongoing and constructive dialogue between patient and practitioner. Within the scope of healthcare IT, patient engagement is driven by technology such as patient portals that enable patients to view test results, medical records and discharge summaries online, communicate with doctors, request prescription refills, as well as set appointment. A high emphasis has been placed on patient engagement in Stage 2 meaningful use.

Connected Health
Our solutions facilitate the accessing and sharing of information, as well as subsequent analysis of healthcare data across healthcare systems. We use knowledge and technology through security-enhanced, flexible, and scalable solutions such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Health Information Exchanges (HIE) to communicate and collaborate among all of the various stakeholders involved in a patient’s health. We drive to address one primary goal: The delivery of Integrated Healthcare

Medical Intelligence and Analytics
Medical Intelligence & Analytics (MI&A) is the use and analysis of data captured in the healthcare setting to provide insight and decision support. This specific solution positively impacts patient care delivery, health outcomes and business operations within a Healthcare organization.  MI&A solutions extract data from IT systems into centralized, secure repositories or databases, for the purpose of developing effective visualization and running analytics. Combining the best of both business and medical intelligence, it provides historical and predictive views of healthcare organizations’ operations, and a similar view of clinical care, in order to enable better business decisions, medical diagnostics, and improve patient care delivery, all while improving the healthcare providers’ financial sustainability.