BioTech, Pharma & Medical Devices

The pharmaceutical industry today is fighting challenges ranging from dwindling drug pipelines, patents expiring, timeline erosion from discovery to regulatory approvals, public policy and budgetary challenges, to changes in how patients access medicine. As a result Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are being forced to think of new business models. With the consolidation of the

industry, and a future that points towards new growth in the emerging markets, fresh approaches to the business model and high-end technology enablement, could be of value and instill a sense that innovation is a necessity, and status quo is not the right answer. With information technology playing an increasingly crucial role in pharmaceutical research and development, organizations are seeking to streamline operations so scientists can spend more time on research and development.

Keeping speed and efficiency as our primary goals, OperationIT leverages technology solutions to save money and help you get new drugs to market faster. We can provide with the necessary talent that can help you improve clinical development processes, act on insights to drive growth, and enhance relationships across the ecosystem. Our consultants have the experience and capability to combine process improvement and IT solutions. This synergy creates the potential of impacting the industry by reducing the time and cost of taking new medical therapeutics and products, from discovery to the patient.

Our Capabilities within Life Sciences

Our Life Sciences consultants have a proven track record of impacting some very critical areas. They include:

  • Clinical Trials and R&D
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Regulatory and Compliance
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Enterprise Information Management

OperationIT is fully equipped with its pharmaceutical / biotech business and technical expertise to:

  1. Assist you in analyzing your business processes and rethink, reshape or restructure your businesses model to address today’s challenges
  2. Innovate and boost your drug discovery and development, to shorten the time to bring new drugs into market
  3. Apply powerful data analytics to identify issues in drug development, improve patient outcomes, and address drug safety issues.
  4. Develop a highly cohesive and connected ecosystem with state-of-the art technology solutions
  5. Improve your adverse event and complaint management processes while conducting globally consistent investigation, analysis, regulatory reporting, and follow-up
  6. Increase the ROI of your marketing dollars, and enhance the productivity of your sales force