When businesses can benefit from a defined digital trust...

OperationIT provides you Technology experts to build applications that deliver indisputable ledgers for smart contracts. The solutions establish visibility, trust, and accountability while eliminating vulnerabilities with the aid of cryptography.

Despite the well-known advantages of transparency, faster transaction settlements, reduced transaction costs, and decentralization, the fact remains that shortfalls in key skills and talents slow Blockchain’s progress to mainstream adoption.

OperationIT understands that the shortage is in people who know Solidity, a relatively new language that along with LLL and Serpent is associated with programming smart contracts.  We also understand that Java, C++, JavaScript, Go and Python are other skills associated with Blockchain where it is easier to convert or upgrade core developers and put them on the Blockchain path.

Fully aware of this landscape OperationIT has taken the time and effort to identify and source the right group of experts.

OperationIT’s Blockchain Technology professionals come with a full spectrum of blockchain technology skills. This includes:

  • Blockchain Technology and Platforms like Etherium, Hyperledger, Hashgraph etc.
  • Web services operating on top of the blockchain and building distributed applications on MEAN stack
  • Strong experience in OOPs, procedural language, flat and relational database. This includes Java, Golang, Rust, Scala, Haskell, Erlang, Python, C, C++, C#
  • Distributed storage, like RDBMS or NoSQL
  • Creating beautiful and intuitive UI/UX
  • Understanding of cryptography, including asymmetric (pub/priv key), symmetric, hash functions, encryption/signatures.
  • Communication Architectures including but not limited to Publisher subscriber, a Message broker, Bus architecture
  • Basic architectures like MVC, MVVM, Document-View Architecture, Microservices
  • Data Structures including Stack, Queue, Linked List, Tree, HashMaps
  • Low level kernel optimization in hardware and data center build outs

Drawing on our access to a talent pool well versed with blockchain technology, architecture and development skills, we can work with your company to provide you the right resources to integrate cryptocurrencies or blockchains into your business.