Assessing the Current State

The first step to process improvement is to understand and have a complete grasp of the “As-Is” scenario. This is done through Current Stage Assessment (CSA). Our process experts will engage with various stakeholders to arrive at the desired outcome of this stage.

Objective: Examine key change levers – People, Processes, Technologies 

Performed in conjunction with: Departments, Strategic Business Units (SBUs), Product Lines

Specific areas of examination generally include:

  • Throughput and cycle times
  • Examining value add vs. Non-value add activities
  • Task redundancies
  • Manual workarounds and possible automation
  • Interdepartmental dependencies
  • Performance Metrics Assessment

CSA deliverables typically consist of:

  • Insights & observations summary
  • Business process flows
  • Heat maps
  • Specific recommendations for areas of Improvement that are “quick hits” (realistic & achievable)