Designing and Implementing a Future State 

The next critical step OperationIT SMEs engage in is to understand, articulate, and document what the future/desired stage needs to be as per the vision of the key stake holders. The goal is to identify the gap, and work out a road-map and blueprint towards implementation.

Future state buildout is contingent upon:

  1. Current, accurate snapshot of business operations today (CSA findings)
  2. Agreement on what will the future state of the improved operations look like
  3. Gap Analysis
  4. Agreement on what business processes need to be altered

Migration Path:

  • Identify gaps
  • Identify constraints and competing priorities
  • Identify dependencies and critical success factors
  • Put in place measure & control plan


  • Enable IT to support redesigned business processes (ensure alignment between IT & operations)
  • Turn non-value add tasks into value-add tasks