Our vision is to become a global leader at connecting people and technology to maximize the business process efficiency and market share of our clients while helping our internal and external employees realize their goals.


OperationIT is an experienced, quality focused and client-centric technology partner that understands your business objectives while providing you the highest quality technology solutions, people and processes in order to increase your operational efficiency and market share.


OperationIT is a Business Process Consulting and Technology Services company. We help our clients leverage our industry-wide business experience, deep technology expertise, and comprehensive portfolio of services, in order to increase their business value.

Established in 1996, OperationIT is organized by industry verticals, as well as service lines. This was structured by design, since it gave us deep insight into your business processes, along with the technology expertise to deliver services and solutions and achieve the business goals you desire.

We can access the specialized skills of our deep process and technology talent pool anytime, to solve any problem. OperationIT enables business solutions through its highly skilled people, reliable processes, applications, and technology infrastructure solutions.

OperationIT has been built over the years on a foundation of ethical values and relationships. Our “client first” attitude reflects in every initiative we undertake. Hence we have constantly delivered on our promises to our clients, and ensured that they attain the power to erase the uncertainty within business, and gain measurable returns on their reliance on us. We always strive to create a positive impact and a difference.