The needs of students, faculty and staff have evolved much since what they were until even a decade ago. Adaptive Learning Technology, Next Generation Learning Management Systems (LMS), self-paced learning, Learning Analytics and Integrated Planning and Advising Services (IPAS), Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and digital badging have started creating trajectories for enhancing the education experience. Students and faculty today have come to expect easy access to information and curriculum across platforms – be it the classroom, innovative learning spaces, desktop or mobile.

OperationIT Consultants and SMEs specialized within the higher education vertical have experience in architecting and providing a suite of learning services and solutions. In addition, our access to an experienced group of Support and Maintenance staff well trained in the nuances of the higher education ecosystem, enables us to provide help desk services to keep seamless provisioning of the technology and infrastructure to Students, Faculty and Staff.

Our consultants’ footprint within this sector includes areas such as:

  • Analytics and Insight
  • Collaboration and Access
  • Content and Learning Management Portals
  • Mobility and Modernized Infrastructure including Cloud Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • High performance computing within Research
  • Smarter Campuses
  • Intelligent back office
  • Institutional Performance and Risk management

OperationIT has capabilities of providing advisory services through its SMEs, building a turnkey project team for a specific initiative, offering consulting services on a track of your choice, as well as technology staff augmentation within the overall higher education sector.