OperationIT’s Program Management experts handle a collection of projects that aim to meet a strategic need or objective of the organization such as organizational process change, improve efficiency etc. However this is achieved through multiple component projects across various departments and may include Infrastructure projects, Change Management, Educating resources across the organization, Monitoring and Tracking and Automation using IT projects.

OperationIT Program Managers help their clients form a Program Management Office (PMO) structure for successful management of transformation. This includes addressing the followings activities:

  1. Program Infrastructure Planning and Provisioning – Setting Program Office, IT needs & other Infrastructure requirements
  2. Governance Model for the Program and its Projects– Setting clear Role and Responsibilities for the Program
  3. Program and Projects Management – Comprehensive Planning, Administration and Tracking the complete Program
  4. Fiscal planning and Control – Monitoring Financial expenses and fiscal management
  5. Planning, Monitoring and Tracking Program and its Projects – Defining Dependencies, Tracking

It is fairly complex to run a multitude of projects in parallel as a program. However, the reason our Program Managers engage in running these projects in parallel is due to the need of time management, reaping the benefits of the economies of scale, and managing change appropriately.

Hence our Program Managers play a key leadership role by:

  • Bringing clarity and structure to an otherwise chaotic scenario normally associated with multiple projects each vying for attention and priority.
  • Determining and setting the relative priorities for all the projects in the program by understanding the interdependencies, comparative benefits of each project, and alignment of these projects with respect to the overall goals and strategic objectives of the program.
  • Often making tough decisions around diverting resources from one project to another in the overall interests of the program, while keeping our client stakeholders informed