OperationIT’s PM resources can help develop or refine your project portfolio management (PPM) framework, allowing you to better prioritize and execute strategic projects and programs, and optimize the utilization of key resources, which in turn will deliver tangible and sustainable benefits/ROI for a strategic objective.

Most organizations have an overabundance of projects and programs that represent investments in a strategy to either improve competitive positioning, reduce costs, improve outcomes, address opportunities and threats, or a mix of all of the above. Our PMs understand the impact of what is being required of the organization and ensure the focus is on the highest priority projects.

Engaging or enhancing PPM and project management capabilities are essential to doing the right projects right. OperationIT’s PPM experts have the skills, capabilities and the experience to conduct:

  1. PPM Assessment
  2. Portfolio Process Improvement
  3. Portfolio Reporting & Analysis
  4. Portfolio Improvement Execution

Some of the typical activities they undertake at our client sites include:

  • Reviewing portfolio governance policies
  • Aligning portfolio decisions to strategic business goals
  • Facilitating Prioritization and selection of Projects and Programs
  • Monitoring and Managing the performance of the Portfolio
  • Conducting workshops, training, and mentoring for all concerned
  • Handling change management