We cannot give you a crystal ball. But we can get close

We dive into massive amounts of data for you to extract signal from the noise. We help you see problems, even before they arise.

In today’s world there is too much information, too much shapeless data and too little actionable insight from them. The ecosystem of data is going through a transformation right before our eyes. Today's business has more data than ever. The way in which it’s structured and used is also evolving. "Big data" as this phenomenon is referred to, comes with its own challenges, but it also offers incredible opportunities.

In this ocean of unharnessed data running to petabytes, zetabytes and exabytes, is hidden information that can actually set your business apart. OperationIT can empower you with necessary technology and analytics to develop industry-specific insights and predictability, act on them very quickly and with more certainty, to transform them into extensive cost savings or/and revenue. They have experience deploying the roadmap within various verticals providing industry-specific solutions for Retail & CPG, Life Sciences, Supply Chain, Media & Publications, Manufacturing, Legal and many others.

The OperationIT’s BI team engages in:

  • Strategy led Big Data and BI Advisory Services and Roadmap.
  • Establishes alignment between the needs of business users and the IT roadmap to implement big data solutions
  • Turning existing data into predictive knowledge by providing deeper and quicker insights
  • Increasing the speed of enterprise’s ability to extract information from new data sources
  • Utilizing technology models/architectures efficiently for high-end analytics
  • Building better Data Visualization/Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Optimizing Resource Utilization
  • Reducing Risks of business operations

OperationIT harnesses your social network content, location and mobile data, video sensor data, enterprise application data and more. Then it goes about preparing your business and IT to tap on the tremendous potential of this data, to empower you with information to gain control of uncertainties, and make actionable decisions. OperationIT also goes about using Big Data optimizing your data center, improving data storage and management, enhancing data protection and security, and delivering the resulting intelligence and insight.

Big Data Technology Expertise
In addition, OperationIT’s Big Data technology team has the expertise to architect, design and create large scale Data Warehouses and are well versed with the Big-Data ecosystem, besides using cutting edge Analytics and Data Insight tools. They have experience building scalable data integration frameworks ground up. Their expertise comprises of a Big-Data technology stack that includes Hadoop (HDFS and MapReduce), Search and Visualization (Lucene), Data Orchestration (Hbase and Zookeeper), NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Couch, Data Access tools like Pig and Hive, and operation research algorithms. The team comprises of SMEs in Master Data Management, Data Virtualization, Data Governance and Data Quality.

Thus OperationIT is equipped well to enhance your business performance and growth through the strategic application of information and analytic technologies.