Temp or Contract hiring is predominantly done for individual or a set of positions, short or even long-term duration of Technology Talent needs, specific skill sets aligned to a specific project, or fulfill immediate demands for a fill-in. The understanding is, “the association between the contractors and the organization for fixed time span and is subjected to renewal.” OperationITprovides you with contract/temp talent so clients can focus on their core business. Some of the benefits our temp workforce can offer our clients include:

  • Increased focus on core business
  • No administrative overheads
  • No liabilities associated with permanent employment
  • Help speed up the overall recruitment process
  • Access to a much wider talent pool


Our Contract-to-hire (Temp-to-Perm) services enable you to assess our talented candidates in action before extending a full-time offer or making a long-term commitment. Focusing primarily towards client satisfaction, this engagement model which is highly flexible and transparent helps our clients fill a full-time position after an on the job performance evaluation. Some of the advantages our clients experience in this model include:

  • Flexibility of deciding hire/no-hire at a later stage
  • Try before you buy
  • Ease of filling headcount quickly
  • Cost Effective – Lower initial investment
  • Preserve reputation when hiring and terminating the resource, without having to worry about being considered unstable


Permanent hiring is especially useful when you have the need for hiring good employees, give them a long-term career path within your organization, and assimilate them as part of your growth or transformation strategy. It is imperative that the right candidate you hire, not only performs at peak levels, but also blends extremely well with not only the team/group culture that he/she is being hired for, but also the organization.

At OperationIT you will work with a team that is highly experienced in identifying talent with the myriads of Technologies and Applications, but also can screen for the right fit in terms of personality, culture and knowledge of your industry vertical.