The Travel and Leisure (T&L) sector is a fast-paced, client-driven service industry. Clearly, this is an industry that prides itself on, and competes on the basis of, competitive levels of client service offered to their most profitable client segments. Businesses are constantly trying to attract clients to their preferred websites, on their social media pages, on their mobiles, and in their living rooms. There is always a relentless and ever increasing need to provide a highly personalized hospitality experience.

The T&L industry is forced to deal with new client channels as well as integrate with other industry partners’ booking systems. Hence there is this ongoing need to address new business processes, new business partners and new channels, apart from enriching and fulfilling the client experience.

OperationIT’s T&L practice has primarily four goals:

  • Enterprise wide Operational savings and efficiencies
  • Consistent and Improved client treatment / experience
  • Privacy and regulatory compliance in terms of visibility and entitlements
  • Revenue enhancement via cross-sell and up-sell via complete understanding of client travel lifecycle

OperationIT’s T&L practice has the business and technology workforce necessary to provide you with better and new business intelligence from client data such that marketing costs are substantially decreased. It deploys robust infrastructure to deliver a panoramic client view across multiple channels, brands, and business partners.

Our technology solutions offer the streamlined operational abilities, along with greatly enhanced sales and servicing abilities to provide a more consistent client experience via any interaction channel, while lowering the cost of new client acquisition. We ensure that clients are more likely to find the services and products they need within your offerings, which, in turn, increases their loyalty and your business volume.

Our Technology practice areas include:

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Single Client View systems
  • Revenue and Occupancy yield Management
  • Property and other Asset Management systems
  • Central Reservation Systems and online Order Management
  • Sales and Catering Systems
  • Customized / Tailored Application Development
  • Systems and Network Management

OperationIT through its client centric solutions enable the improvement of the client’s end-to-end experience, while assuring safety and security with less cost and impact on them. The technologies we harness to build your enterprise solutions provide continuous client service improvement by better understanding the traveler’s needs. Some of these include:

  • Client Data Hub
  • Information Integrity / Data Quality
  • Voice of the client analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Enterprise Portal technology
  • Big Data Analysis
  • SOA and Web Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobility technology