Media, Publishing & Entertainment

OperationIT offers deep business knowledge, and powerful technologies to the publishing, media and entertainment industry. Our industry-leading solutions and consulting can help you drive operational efficiency in this evolving, connected and personalized world of digital media.

Information in today’s world is dynamic and overflowing. It is available freely to consumers who can access content at their convenience through multiple channels. So businesses need to concentrate on relevance. They need to work overtime and engage this new class of digital consumers. That is the only way they can differentiate to sustain and grow their business.

Today’s consumer/audience of digital media, advertisement and entertainment strives to differentiate between what is relevant and what is unnecessary. Capturing, measuring and analyzing data that pertains to their acceptance of the content and information is very critical. OperationIT uses powerful data capture solutions and analytics to assess the business-impact of transmission, and help you take appropriate measures to adjust your digital media strategy.

In addition, the digital media ecosystem along with publishing and entertainment has Intellectual Property (IP) and royalties that control the rights to the produced assets. Calculations and payments of these are highly complex.

OperationIT with their Rights and Royalties strategies and technology solutions can help safeguard, manage and monetize these assets.

OperationIT’s Digital Media Strategists and Technology experts help ensure that, through enterprise
application services, the content value chain across sub-segments can be conceptualized as a supply chain, encompassing the overall content creation, management and delivery. They deliver these services using disruptive technologies, either through web, mobile or other advanced platforms. Our core competencies are centered around services spanning across the content life cycle.

At OperationIT, our Digital Media solutions include:

  • Direct-to-consumer transformation
  • Consumer Needs Analysis and Insight
  • Performance/Reach Measurement & Analytics
  • Content Filtering and Streamlining/Management
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Media Buying Process Automation
  • Editorial Workflow and content re-purposing
  • Advertising Management
  • Multi-channel readiness
  • Rights and royalty management
  • Enterprise business intelligence
  • BI for Broadcast Groups
  • Web Portal and Information Applications

With powerful tools and technologies, OperationIT goes about offering the above solutions to bring game-changing digital transformation and efficiency in your strive to create and maintain a highly connected digital media ecosystem.