Ensuring the successful completion of our client’s projects with talented and efficient Technology Talent and/or Functional resources is our only goal.

Project Staffing by OperationIT involves staffing short and long-term consulting projects in North America. These projects call for IT & other professionals ranging from Strategy Consultants or ERP Consultants to Architects, System Engineers or Developers. Whether it’s a small core staff or a larger team, getting the staffing right is very critical for us in order to ensure the success of the  project.

Depending on your strategic needs, you may engage the team using any or a mix of our staffing models. For example, it may be important for you to engage a full-time/permanent project manager and hire the rest of the team on contract or even contract-to-hire. Whatever is your need, and however you need us to build your project team, OperationIT is there to assist you.